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KC is a Girl and Writes Chick Lit (AKA a VapidGirl post)
The Wild Party (Lippa)
Can I just blog really quickly about my new mascara?

I've been on a beauty kick lately, and I just got some stuff in from MAC (which is like, my new obsession. Read my bank statement; the numbers don't lie). I've never used anything but Covergirl, L'oreal ect. on my lashes before, so I ordered the new Haute and Naughty mascara just to give it a try.

OMG. My eyelashes look like 6 feet long. And they are like, makeup ad pretty.

I tweeted about my love for them, but guys, seriously. I may have to settle down with this mascara for the rest of my life. I am so in love.Mascara of Win
It was like 18 bucks, so not too terrible. And It is worth it. I may use it everyday for the rest of my natural life. And even my unnatural life. If I become a zombie, my first order of business is to run to the MAC counter and eat the brains of the artists so that I can take all of these mascaras away.

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