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Well, I did it
The Wild Party (Lippa)
I picked the books for the class.

So, if you plan on taking ENG 100 with TA Carpenter for the Fall Semester at WKU, you will need Common Culture, 6th edition and Rules for Writers by Diane Hacker.

Oy. That sounded official. Now, once I get these books in the mail, I have to make out a...gag...syllabus. And...gag...plan for the semester.

On an upnote, I looked at my books for the Poe class and 2 are graphic novels. Cool.

I also need to decide on a thesis topic. Poll: Would you rather read a novelette about an anglophile who meets the British "Prince Charming" type only to realize he's dull as tombs or one about a girl who stumbles into Wal-Mart one day and finds herself and several siblings on the "Have You Seen This Child?" wall? The first one is chick-litty and puts me in a happy place; the second is different than my usual and not quite as developed as idea 1.

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Did you ever read The Face on the Milk Carton? I remember it was on the shelf in the rolling hallway cart when Julie was in fourth grade. She read it, pointed out to a teacher that the main character I think *considers* intercourse with her boyfriend, and it was removed from the cart.

... That's just what the second idea makes me think of.

And I am, as always, for whatever makes Khaki happy. :)

Yeah, I looooved that book. And its sequels. I'm afraid that my love for it might leak into this, or be considered too close to it. But I did amp up the wierd cult-y Duggary parentals, which the chick in TFOTMC did not have.

And yeah, the heroine in that book was suprisingly sexual in character, being like 15. I remember she wore teddies to bed. At fifteen. When I read it, I didn't even know what a teddy was. I thought it was a bear suit.

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