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The Wild Party (Lippa)

Thank you Carter Covington. You really are a dear, dear man.

'10 Things I Hate About You' What would have been in season two

That makes me happier :)

Also, Glee was megafoxyawesomehot tonight. Loved How BB Drizzle's birth was intercut with the wicked awesomeness of Bohemian Rhapsody. I shall miss thee, Jesse St. Hot. Thank you for making me feel like a very innapropriate teen all over again.

Also, I have spent this summer so far reading Agnes Grey (which I am very sad there is no corrosponding BBC video), beginning and putting down and the beginning and putting down a chick lit-ty The Smart One and The Pretty One (I probably will not finish), beginning and putting aside Rhett Butler's People (the other sequel to Gone With The Wind that does not turn Margaret Mitchell's character's into sex-starved sluts--so far), and starting (and finishing) season one of Gilmore Girls. According to the undergrads at WKU, my thesis director, mention Gilmore Girls in classes as reference points, so I figure I'm doing pre-thesis pre-thesis work. Season Two commences soon...probably after I hit publish.

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Hehe, BB Drizzle.

My Road to Sectionals came in the mail yesterday, and little sister and I are already almost through disc three. I decided I kind of wanted to forget the second half of this season and maintain high hopes that season two will return to the awesomeness-level of the first half of season one. High hopes!

I agree, except I never want to forget Jesse St. James. The rest of the season, yes.

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