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Utterly Shameless

To further elaborate my inner teen, allow me to spam my LJ with pictures of things that make me happy aka Kaci Watches Too Much Television:

Why, hello there. I'm Ethan Peck. I am sexy. In the fist episode of the show, I have all of 3 lines. But that is okay, because my looks are much better than my acting skills.

Here I am with my sexy bike. I have more chemistry with Lindsey Shaw than most high school science classes.

Yes, this is me brooding. I do it a lot in the show, and this is an artsy shot of me with Lindsey, who plays Kat. And I'm brooding. Cause I don't get enough practice. You know. On the show.

I actually find Kat/Patrick the best part of the picture, but Bianca's dress is adorable. I want it. And her tiny size 0 frame.

He takes his shirt off later. This is pre-shirt removal.

And, in this pic, I just like his face:


And, something unrelated but equally awesome:

The white haired guy's is the best. Also, the girl on the far left looks just like Emmy Rossum.

This whole video killed me. Literally. I was ded on the flo'.



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